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Cap De Craniu is a death metal/grindcore band from Bucharest, Romania formed in spring 2007. The only original members remaining in the band, are the guitarist, Calin Raduta and the drummer, Razvan Raduta Penda.
Shortly after they formed the band, CDC(Cap De Craniu) released "First EP for a Surgery", in April 2007, being credited with defining the romaninan grindcore scene by incorporating elements of hardcore and punk, vocals with severe growls and squeals reflected in horror and social lyrics.
CDC was formed in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, in March 2007 by Calin Raduta and Costin Chioreanu, who were already playing in numerous local bands and projects since the early '90s (H8, Hang Him, Kendo, Crize, Protest Urban, Deviant, Nightpray, My Shadow, Discordless, Subway Night Orchestra, Retribution, Sistem Nervos, etc).
The duo was inspired by horror and gore movies similar to "Evil Dead", mostly creating stories, around a fictive character(Laur, the protagonist in all their lyrics), about the human kind in our days and also giving an ironical meaning to the most common social disorders(as they say: "if you want get past evil, smile first!").
The first stable line-up of the group consisted of Calin Raduta on guitar, Costin Chioreanu on bass, Razvan Raduta Penda on drums and Dragos Drunea on vocals. CDC consists of 4 members and, besides music, they have some strong points in music engineering, graphic design and video production. They became a DIY group, self releasing "First EP for a surgery" and performing at many important concerts and festivals along bands like Suffocation, Rotting Christ, or Parkway Drive.
After entering their own studio to record "I'll Kill If I Live", the fifth member Radu Ionascu joined CDC on guitar.
In the summer of 2011, the band faced a period of hardship, with 3 of the members quitting the band.
Being a duo group, the two brothers, Calin and Razvan decided to colaborate with Metalfan Records Division and recently finished producing the debut album. "I'll Kill if I Live" was officially launched through Metalfan Records Division on 9 February 2012

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